University Plans

More than being a developing humanitarian plan Zazakely is also a committed University plan.

Melanie Halaoui, from the Lyon School of Medicine defended her thesis and worked in collaboration with Dr Anna Bodo and Dr Sandy Randriabolona on the beneficial effects of spirulina produced in our organisation. All this work leads to three more medicine theses.

Mathieu Raad, another Lyon member of the organisation, is working at the moment on his thesis and it will be on Bacteriology in Madagascar.
In order for all the local nursing staff to be able to get trained in the best conditions, we are exploring the possibility to equip a University Library dedicated to Health, in Antananarivo.
It will be done in partnership with the Lyon Laennec Centre and their Old Students Organisation.

To share mutual experience, a first regional Anaesthesia Session should take place in 2020, in partnership with the Antananarivo University Hospital before considering an obstetrical ultrasound scan session dedicated to the follow-up of pregnancies.

We are well aware that the local health professionals are the ones who will be able to change things (distinctiveness of pathology, culture and means). We are also attached very much to the idea of supporting the medical, nursing and midwife studies of the brilliant Madagascan students who are from underprivileged backgrounds, with the help of the Antananarivo School of Medicine, of the IECD (European Institute of Collaboration and Development) and all our local partners