Children’s Health Records

Since 2016, each child is examined systematically every year by a doctor from the organisation. Specific health records have been set up owing to the collaboration between French and Madagascan paediatricians. The children’s health records are viewed in order to follow up each one of them. 

Every year, young French doctors volunteer their services to go to Madagascar and carry out that follow-up. In that way they can achieve systematic screenings (hearing, vision, tooth health and general state of heath) and check on the healthy growing of every child!

This yearly examination is also the opportunity for each child to get rid of the parasites they are carrying, by taking a pill, what is essential in Madagascar.

The most malnourished children have bigger intakes of spirulina in their school meals, at lunch time.

Owing to Sister Elaine, our nurse since May 2018, the follow-up of everything is dealt with, all year long.