Medical Studies and Healthcare Professionals

Every year Zazakely is proud of counting a rising number of students who have graduated from High School owing to the organisation. Some of them wish to carry on with medical, nursing or mid-wife studies.

In agreement with the Antananarivo school of medicine and other organisations, we pay for the school fees and the everyday-life expenses of students who start with health studies. At the moment, four students are in their 2nd year of medical school, one is in his 1st year and four students are about to becoming nurses. The rule is simple – financing the student’s degree course during their training years, so that they can practice in Madagascar later, and then, in turn, pay for the school fees of the next students.

This plan has got multiple purposes. One of them is to enable very keen young students to gain access to courses they couldn’t afford otherwise. Another purpose is to promote heath by favouring the setting up of Madagascan doctors everywhere in Madagascar, even in depressed districts. Finally, these young healthcare professionals will send a tremendous message of hope and pass on incredible energy to all the people around them and to our organisation.

Fundraising in the form of crowdfunding is organised to help financing this project.

Medecine books collected in France by Student Organisations finances part of the school fees.