The majority of the pathologies encountered locally could be avoided owing to simple prevention. It is the reason why training courses in hygiene were created to meet the needs. No less than fifteen courses were created (personal and food hygiene, mother and children’s health, first aid, etc.).

Every year, French medical students (from Paris VII, Solimeda, the Lyon Laennec Centre…) go to Madagascar to provide students, parents and teachers from Zazakely and also from partner organisations, with training courses.

The French students have made educational posters so that teachers can go on with the teaching on hygiene and health, all year long.

Indeed, it is important to make students aware of hygiene problems from very early on. Specific courses have been set up with the teachers from the organisation.

In 2018, aware of the difficulties that a few children met when confronted with hygiene rules at home, Zazakely built new buildings with toilets, showers, clothes washtubs and taps. Each child also got a toothbrush.

Since June 2018, Sister Eliane, a Madagascan nurse, has been working on the prevention of diseases and on the care of children from Zazakely.

Owing to the partnership with a French organisation, Humaïa, a Madagascan midwife Daniela, has been hired since the beginning of October 2019, to improve the follow-up of pregnancies and the necessary cares involving the health of mothers and their new borns.